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Ideal: for your small plants in pots from 8 in.

Capacity: 200ml

Use: indoor and outdoor

Watering frequency: on average once* per week


Delivered with:

Caps to prevent evaporation.

Straw, to install around your Oïa, to conserve humidity.

A simple bin bin instruction box for installation.


Handmade in Montreal


* The climate, the exposure, the type of soil, the type of pot but also the type and the quantity of crops in the pot are parameters that can modify the accuracy of our recommendations.


    1. Soak me so I'm well soaked.
    2. Plant me in the vegetable garden or in your favorite plant.
    3. Fill me up and let the water overflow.
    4. Relax and watch it grow!

    This terracotta jar  reduces the frequency of watering,  by offering a  autonomy of 3 to 7 days  to all your cultures.

    The porosity of the jar  allows irrigation adapted to the needs of the plant , just like  in nature, it is the roots that get to the water source and not rainwater or surface irrigation water that gets to the roots.

    It also allows  a  water saving ranging from 50% to 70%  due to the reduction of losses by evaporation.

    Through deep irrigation,  decreases weeds and fungal diseases.

    No more vegetable garden that lacks water or completely drowned!

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