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Made in Montreal

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No more drowned plants and thirsty vegetable gardens!

The Oïa (also called Olla, Oyas) is a terracotta jar to irrigate plants and vegetable gardens in depth.

An ancestral system that won us over with its ease of use and for its main virtues  

Avoid wasting water,

Reduce the frequency of watering,

Decrease weeds and fungal diseases,

Leave for a few days without worrying about your crops!


What is an Oia?

An ancestral technique


Oïa (or Olla in Spanish) means “pot” or “pot”. Thanks to the porous walls of this terracotta jar, the roots of the plants stick to it and directly absorb all the water they need. Thus, the gardener does not need to water the entire surface of his vegetable garden every evening. This ancestral technique has existed for more than 4000 years! The oldest Oïa were used in China and later in ancient Rome. They are now real phenomena thanks to their many benefits.


Watering with an Oïa: the advantages


An Oïa can be buried in the vegetable garden or simply planted in a container or a window box. It is then enough to fill it with water to water its plantations. The advantages of Oïa are numerous, both for the vegetable garden and for its user:


  • It provides water savings ranging from 50% to 75%. It's a more ethical and   way to water than surface irrigation.

  • All you have to do is fill your Oïa every 3 to 10 days. The user can therefore go away for the weekend without worrying about the drought in the vegetable garden.

  • The soil is not wet on the surface which prevents the growth of weeds. It therefore requires less maintenance.

  • The roots of plants draw only the water they need. They cannot therefore be drowned or dried out, which allows optimal growth.

  • Plants won't feel anywater stress» thanks to slow irrigation adapted to the needs of the roots.

  • No watering on the leaves of your plants, which avoids diseases such asoomycetes.


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Get our latest models of irrigation jars from our online store and receive your jar at your doorstep.


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Want to know more about how Oïa irrigation jars work? Discover the detailed mode of employment!


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Take the opportunity to read our blog articles and learn more about gardening and caring for your plants!

OÏA & CO are those two... 


They first met as members of a blended family. The confinement brought them closer and provided them with the very first zero waste project idea: sewing washable and reusable fabric masks. During this project, their natural complementarity has evolved into a great complicity!

In May 2020, inspired by a report on Ollas made in Europe, the question of launching a second project became obvious. It was the crush that brought together all their values! From its practical, economical, ecological and sustainable aspects, their new product was born.  

Now the business is launched and they are not about to stop. They will contribute to making urban agriculture even more responsible, accessible and educational!

Abigail, USA

“Beautiful pottery pieces, I use mine in my large balcony plant pots that tend to dry out. I don't have to constantly water anymore, and there's something very cool to me about filling up the little jar.."

Marielle, NY

"Each year I buy another one. love them! Beautifully crafted. Excited to use these bigger ones in my garden. the little ones have worked great in pots."

Dani, CAN

They are excellent! They are very well made and very well packaged. I only put the tallest with my most neglected plant and I can already see a noticeable difference. It's much easier to refill the olla every few days than to frantically water the plant after neglecting it for days. I will definitely buy more!
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