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A very nice discovery for our team, because it is not only for children, there are very useful calendars, something to make plans, etc. WE LOVE IT


📄 Description 

Prepare your vegetable garden with your family! Create unforgettable memories together with both hands in the ground! The home garden notebook is a perfect introduction to local and sustainable agriculture. It allows you to transform your vegetable garden into an enriching, rewarding and fun joint project for children. Involve the children in all stages from ideation to harvest by offering them a notebook where they can note, draw and/or paste the information necessary for planning, creating and maintaining the vegetable garden.

The family vegetable garden is a source of pride for all families, and above all, an annual tradition for many of us. Even though we do it year after year, it's not uncommon to forget  what we tried and succeeded  in previous summers. Our family vegetable garden notebook will be the perfect project to collect all the notes on the vegetable garden, follow its evolution throughout the season, then remember its successes — and the little mistakes — for the following summer!


The different sections of our gardening notebook are:

Our vegetable garden | Our team | Our wishes | Our seedlings | Our friends | Our great plan | At work! | The weather station | The harvest calendar | History of (x14 for your different plants) | Our colors | Our recipes | Our memories


The journal de jardinage  will certainly be a great keepsake of all the great times you will spend as a family working together for a great harvest!

Printed in Quebec (Sorel-Tracy)

Illustrations: Aurélie Grand


🔍 How to use it?

The Campus NUTRIOPEDIA Family Vegetable Garden Notebook is perfect for a fun, educational and meaningful summer project for kids, big or small! It can be completed with or without help from parents depending on the age of the child :

  • Practice writing by completing the different sections
  • Color the different illustrations using the correct colors
  • Illustrate the different plants in the vegetable garden
  • Fill in the different sections on a daily basis by entering the weather, the work done, the date of the first harvests, etc.
  • Notice your successes and reflect on what went less well without forgetting to write them down for the following summer


 ðŸ”¨  Materials

35 pages

Thick kraft cardboard cover and inner sheets on recycled paper.


 ðŸ“ Dimensions

Height: 11 inches

Width: 8.5 inches


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