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The principle of capillarity and all the advantages of irrigating your plants by the root

Are you looking for a more natural way to irrigate your vegetable garden? Have you ever heard of watering plants by capillary action? The first time I read about it, I did not understand the relationship between "capillarity" and "vegetable garden". For me it had to refer to the hair and not to the garden! Is not it ? But, I discovered this principle while researching a more economical and natural way of irrigating (thanks to the ollas). I now feel like sharing everything I know about the subject with you! So if you want to learn more about capillary irrigation and all its benefits, then this article is for you!

arrosage des plantes par capillarité

Watering plants by capillarity: Definition

You use capillarity in your daily life

The principle of capillarity is the fact that any liquid can soak the inside of a porous material. Thus, the water will rise along this substance. This phenomenon can be seen simply by using a sponge on colored water. The liquid will tint the sponge from bottom to top as it is absorbed.

It is this principle that allows trees to irrigate automatically

Have you ever wondered why in times of drought the trees and plants in the forests don't "wither"? Nature draws all the water it needs thanks to the principle of capillarity. Earth being a porous material, it absorbs groundwater and brings it up to the roots of trees.

irrigation par la racine

What are the benefits of root irrigation and how to use it daily?

The Many Benefits of Capillary Irrigation

Big water savings

By irrigating from the inside, surface evaporation is avoided. There is therefore no need to water every day and in large quantities.

Plants drink only the amount they need

This is the solution for watering your plants automatically. Indeed, the roots drink on their own and simply take the water they need. It is therefore impossible that they receive too much or not enough.

Pests and weeds are avoided

Too wet soil attracts slugs and other pests that come to devour your plantations. By irrigating your vegetable garden from the root, the soil will be dry enough to avoid invaders and moist enough to keep your plants cool.

Plants and vegetables grow even in drought

In recent years, our summers are drier and droughts are also lasting longer. So it happens that governments ask the population to save water and even prohibit watering the garden! Fortunately, thanks to capillary irrigation, your vegetable garden will survive the hot weather while using a small amount of water.

No need to water your vegetable garden every day

You can go away for the weekend without any problem! This system allows you to automatically water your plants during the holidays.

irrigation par la racine grâce aux Oïa

Oïa, one of the best ways to use the principle of capillarity on a daily basis

Irrigating your vegetable garden with an Oïa means having all the advantages and benefits of watering by capillarity. Indeed, an Oïa is a porous terracotta jar. The roots of the plants will therefore literally absorb the water that is there optimally. If you want to know more about the Oïa, you can consult our article on this mode of natural irrigation. You now know everything about watering plants by capillarity! So do not hesitate to share your opinion on this natural and eco-friendly method.

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