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Green Christmas – the editorial staff’s favorites

It’s time to turn the page of the calendar… December is upon us! Falalalala-lala-lala! For us, it's impossible to imagine the holiday season without fir trees: any excuse is good for gardening! For the occasion, we would like to introduce you to 5 green and plastic-free options to brighten up the darkest month of the year!

Pick your own fir tree

If you like going apple picking in the fall, this activity is definitely for you! Accompanied by your family or friends, take advantage of this activity to get some fresh air and go for a walk. You will be able to select the tree of your dreams and, saw in hand, cut it to bring it home. Several companies offer you the experience such as Aux boisés de Béthanie, a pesticide-free family farm, located in a peaceful village in Montérégie or la Ferme Quinn< /u> which is just a few minutes from Montreal (which has a small farm for children!) In both cases, the trees are cut several centimeters from the ground, above the first branch, in order to encourage the regrowth of the tree.

A consignment tree

Titi Sapin offers an ingenious and quite astonishing concept: the consignment tree. The purchase of the Baumier fir – not very large as the company name indicates – includes a $20 deposit. By returning the tree in perfect condition as well as its pot after the holidays, you will be able to recover the amount! Just keep it outside since the tree does not like hot temperatures or drought during its dormant period. This is an ultra-ecological option and, what's more, all products are certified organic: no conventional pesticides or treatments harmful to the environment.

The festive crown

No room for a tree? Opt for a less bulky and more cat-friendly option: the magnificent crown! No doubt, florist artists spoil us: among our favorites are the wild crown by Marc Sardi, that of magnolia leaves from Prune les fleurs or the decorated one citrus fruitsfrom the Jardin de Mathilde. There is something for every taste! If you rather want to unleash your creativity, the Binette et Filles boutique, located at the Jean-Talon market, offers wreath-making workshops.

The holly branch

Still in the mini space category, we offer you, for the New Year, this magnificent branch of holly (to give kisses underneath!) The latter is made by hand in wool felt and the result is ultra-cute. Bonus, you can keep it for years!

The Nordfolk pine

A conifer as a houseplant? It exists! The Norfolk pine is native to the island of the same name, located near New Zealand, and adapts very well to the conditions of our housing. Although they can measure up to 60 meters in their natural state, they grow very, very slowly: there is no chance that they will become too big! To keep it for many years, simply place it in a very bright place and water it regularly (or using one of our oïas available on our site!)

Happy Holiday Season!

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