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3 steps against soft and droopy leaves of your plant

Does your plant have limp, droopy leaves? She looks tired and ready to die? You probably overwatered it… But don’t panic! This happens very often. And even if you don't have a green thumb, there are very simple solutions to keep your green plant healthy and take care of it on a daily basis. So, without further ado, here are our 3 steps to reviving your houseplant.

des plantes en pleines santé dans une serre
Arroser avec modération pour des plantes en pleine santé

Step 1: wait a few days before watering it again

Too much water for a plant can be fatal! A plant with limp, drooping leaves shows the first signs of overwatering. Thereafter, it will begin to rot, contract diseases, and then it will eventually die. The first thing to do when you notice these “symptoms” is to wait a few days for the excess moisture to evaporate. How do you know when you can irrigate again?

  • stick your finger in the ground in several places

  • make sure it is dry

  • check that there is no standing water in the bottom of the pot.

Once you have completed all these steps, you can start watering your plant again.

un Olla ou Oïa dans un pot de fines herbes
Un Oïa peut arroser plusieurs plantes

Step 2: use an Oïa so that your plant never has limp and drooping leaves again

As I said above, if it is in this state, it is because it has received too much water.

Thanks to the Oïa, this will never happen again!

Why ? Because the roots of your plant will come to drink directly from the source. It will then be impossible that it receives too much water or that it is not watered enough.

How it works ?

The Oïa is a porous terracotta jar. It "sweats" all the water it contains to nourish the plants around it. Moreover, the roots of the plant come to stick to the walls to suck up the liquid that flows. In addition, you only need to fill your Oïa about once a week only (depending on the type of plant).

Un Olla ou un Oïa arrose une plante verte d'intérieur
Une irrigation optimale de ta plante verte

Step 3: Take care of your plant's needs so it doesn't rot anymore

Apart from cacti and succulents, green indoor plants often all have the same needs:

  • natural light;

  • an ideal temperature of 20°C;

  • optimal watering (with an Oïa it's perfect! Otherwise, you have to water more or less regularly depending on the climate and the season);

  • a natural fertilizer to be used in moderation and only during the growth period. (a little tip: If your fertilizer is liquid, you can pour it directly into your Oïa)

Thanks to these 3 steps, I am sure that your plant will quickly regain vigor and color. Do not hesitate to visit our shop! You can also send us the before/after photos of your beautiful green plant (we can then post them on our Insta!).

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